Are you part of a youth-led group driving climate and environmental action through community power? Do you work on building and pushing for fair and equitable climate and environmental solutions? We are thrilled to announce our open call for applications for the 2024 grant cycle!


At the Youth Climate Justice Fund, we believe in supporting youth-led movements that are creative, inclusive, community-owed solutions to address climate and environmental issues. We are seeking dynamic and dedicated groups that are committed to advancing fair and equitable climate and environmental actions worldwide.

                                    Application Window: From June, 3rd to July, 1st

Young people have consistently been at the forefront of transformative change, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the world's most pressing issues. This is why the YCJF is excited to announce a new call for applications to support youth-led movements advocating for equitable climate and socio-environmental solutions. Today, as the world grapples with increasing polarization, social challenges, and the severe impacts of climate and environmental changes, youth leadership is more urgent than ever.



This year, youth movements have once again proven their power to drive progress, mobilizing communities and advocating for equitable and just policies. Following a successful grant-making process since 2023, that funded exceptional youth groups in 30+ countries worldwide, we are scaling-up and offering grants of up to $20,000 USD.


Who Can Apply?

We focus on supporting young people who are working on climate and environmental issues from an intersectional perspective, paying specific attention to groups that are tackling several issues at the same time. Our dedication to fostering an equitable world drives us to prioritize funding and resources for those who have historically been marginalized and disadvantaged, especially young people who are black, people of color, women, queer, Indigenous Peoples and local communities.


We look particularly for groups that are able to describe how they work contribute to: 


  • Increase ambition and commitments on climate action.
  • Ensure policymakers are held accountable and strengthen community power.
  • Cultivate the next generations of diverse organizers grounded in community and climate justice principles.

To be eligible for a YCJF grant, the group, network, or collective must be led by young people aged 35 years and below, with the majority of the leadership or decision-making individuals falling within this age range. The group should demonstrate a commitment to inclusive organizing, collective action, and intersectional movement building. Additionally, the movement must adhere to non-partisan, non-violent, and legal principles.


Applications are welcome from youth groups from all around the world. Applicants from high-income countries should belong to a minority or underserved groups to be considered for funding. Groups that focus solely on international engagements without any community-based work are ineligible to apply.



Applications are welcome in any of the following seven languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swahili, and Hindi. Application guides are also available in these languages to assist applicants. They can be accessed here.


What YCJF Offers


  • Flexible core funding: Essential and flexible funding (up to  $20,000 USD) for grassroots youth climate and socio-environmental movements, initiatives, and solutions.
  • Youth-to-youth capacity building: Opportunities to enhance skills and impact through peer learning and support.

How To Apply


Interested groups can visit the YCJF website to check the criteria and process. When they are ready, they can submit their proposals in the application form by July 1st. 


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