How to Apply

The Youth Climate Justice Fund supports with core flexible funding to emerging youth climate justice collectives. Groups can apply for a grant of up to USD 10,000, which can be used for a period of 12 months. The application window for our 2023 grant cycle closed in September 2023 and 40 selected grantee partners were announced in February 2024. New applicants can apply during the YCJF’s open call in June 2024. Stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter for information on the application window.

What are the criteria for applying?

You should consider applying if:

Your group or collective is led by young people aged 35 years and below. In order to be eligible for a YCJF grant, the majority of your leadership must be young people or the individuals with decision making power should be aged 35 years and below.

Your group, network or collective is based in Africa; the Middle East; Asia-Pacific, South Asia; Latin America and the Caribbean; and Central, and Eastern Europe.

You believe in and exhibit inclusive organizing, collective action and intersectional movement building. 

Your group, network or collective is based in North America or Western Europe but is led by young people who are discriminated against and/or marginalised based on class, ethnicity, background, etc.

Non-partisan, non-violent, and legal movements.

We specifically look for groups who are:

Cultivating diverse leadership rooted in fair and equitable climate action with community power.

Raising ambitions and commitments on climate & socio-environmental justice.

Holding policymakers accountable to their promises and strengthening community power.

Our Process

1. Youth Climate Justice Fund opens the call

The call is open for 4 weeks, youth climate justice groups around the globe can apply. Non-English speaking groups are welcome to reach out to Regional Leads for support in applying in their own language.

2. Applications are screened by the YCJF staff

Check that groups meet basic eligibility criteria and are aligned with YCJF values and principles.

3. Regional Leads review

Review of proposals per regional priorities and contacting groups to better understand their needs.

4. Steering Committee voting

Each steering committee member ranks groups based on the YCJF principles, values and key funding priorities.

5. Due diligence process

YCJF staff and Regional Leads reach out to the selected groups and support them to receive the funding.

6. Grants are awarded!

YCJF staff and Regional Leads work with partners to speed the process for groups to receive funding.


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7. Join the YCJF community

Groups are invited to join the YCJF welcome call and to co-develop youth-to-youth capacity development ressources.

Ready to learn more?

Download our application guide available in 7 languages to aid your grant application. We will be opening a new call for applications next year in 2024, so subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned!

In English

Download the application guide in English.

Download application pack

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we're trying to build access and conditions for meaningful shared ownership and participation in our processes, we're committed to evolve and change to ensure that youth-led climate justice movements are able to better participate and access support.

What do we mean by 'addressing climate justice and socio-environmental justice'?

We mean actions, campaigns, and projects that address the climate crisis by jointly tackling marginalisation, exploitation, and oppression, and enhancing community power, equity and justice.

What do we mean by 'youth-led'?

We believe that "youth" holds many meanings and contexts depending on worldviews and contexts. We believe that balancing between older youth under 35 years old who are discriminated against or marginalised based on class, ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples' identity, gender, etc. and very young activists who also face similar structural barriers is key.

What is the “youth-to-youth” capacity program? 

Young people supporting each other in peer-to-peer capacity development are the best providers of development services due to their shared experiences and understanding. We will co-build and refine the youth-to-youth capacity development depending on each cohort of grantee partners. 

How can we request capacity development and non-financial support?

Please reach out to our Regional Leads or send an email to

How are you funded? 

Our initial set-up costs and seed funding is being provided by individuals and philanthropies - rather than private or listed companies. We do not accept funding from anyone who is not aligned with our principles and values.

Do applications have to be in English? 

In case you need support to apply in another language, download our application package which is available in 5 languages. Additionally, you can reach out to to be in touch with a Regional Lead who can assist you in applying in your preferred language.  

Do we need to be legally registered?

No, it is not mandatory. In numerous cases, informal groups have made a substantial impact without formal registration or lacking the necessary resources to register. We are dedicated to discovering innovative ways to support such groups.

We can’t access the online application form, can we get support? 

Of course, email and we will do our best to support you.

When is the deadline to submit my proposal? 

You can submit your applications between the 21st of August and the 24th of September 2023.

We can ask up to $10000 USD, but can we apply even if our collective needs more funding?

We are aware that groups might need more funding to achieve certain outcomes, in case you need more funding support, please email