For Youth Climate Justice Organizers

We bridge youth climate justice organizers with funders by providing organizers with more knowledge and opportunities to develop the capacity of your movement to be able to directly connect with funders.

We believe that to achieve a fairer and more sustainable world we need to decentralise funding accessibility, thus we bridge youth movements with funding and youth-to-youth capacity development. We know that finding resources for youth-led climate justice work is difficult and can be overwhelming.

We work with youth organisers to better understand the different needs of the climate justice movement so we can collectively address them and build a stronger movement to equitably shift resources to historically underserved groups.

We strive to provide swift and flexible funding

Providing rapid support and resources to youth-led climate justice organizations, facilitating them to address critical needs and seize key opportunities. With the Youth Climate Justice Fund, we help bridge the resource gap and ensure that movements have the necessary resources to make a deeper impact in the fight for climate justice.

Peer-learning through youth-to-youth capacity development

Young people supporting each other in peer-to-peer capacity development are the best providers of development services due to their shared experiences and understanding.

We work with our network to offer peer learning on essential skills needed for movement building such as Campaigns & communications, Management and Leadership, Financial Literacy and Fundraising, Administration and Operations, and Project Management.

Connecting to a broader ecosystem

Learning from established and emerging youth-led movements to understand the ever changing landscape of climate justice organizing.

Convene youth-led regranters to share best practices, encourage participatory grantmaking and learn from each other.

Support and co-design youth-focused research and mapping to strengthen climate justice movement and drive strategic investments.

Strategic identification of key needs in regions or subregions to equip individuals and groups to set-up new youth-led structures.

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